18th October 6-8pm

   Exhibition Dates   18th - 28th October 

Open Friday  - Sunday  1pm - 4pm

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Seven artists explore the ambiguity, irony and impact of the colour pink.


Pink is a reddish hue that lies between the pure neutrality of white and the energy and passion of red. Pink is sensual. Pink can be mischievous. Nostalgic. Delicate or punk-rock. It is colour of girls. The lips and the tongue. Flesh and flower. The glutton. The colour of the blush on the skin and the sky at dawn.

From pretty to gritty: seven artists celebrate the complex, contradictory and implicit power behind the colour pink. In Kirsten Drewes’ felted soft sculptures, Jan Handel’s interplay of colour and form, Emma Kirby’s material alchemy, Michelle Le Dain’s playful photo montages, Melinda Marshman’s spare and reductive paintings, Elizabeth Rankin’s darkly romantic drawings and Helen Redmond’s architectural spaces, implications and interpretations are extracted and distilled from the spectrum’s most enigmatic pastel. The artworks within the space can be read both separately and as one diverse installation. A conversation with a colour.