E L I Z A B E T H   R A N K I N 


Exhibition Dates   20th  - 1st July    

Open Friday - Sunday  1pm - 4pm


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Elizabeth Rankin

Show,Tell   continues Elizabeth Rankin’s interest in visual rhetoric and the power of imagery to  narrate a story. 

 Rankin’s abiding concern has been dark tales of the uncanny that emerge from Australian society. In this exhibition she explores the strange incident of the Pyjama Girl found dead and abandoned in Albury in 1934 wearing yellow silk pyjamas. The face was so profoundly disfigured that she could not be identified. Her body was therefore preserved and displayed at Sydney University in the hope of identifying her. She was on show. Later the mystery became an attraction at the Royal Easter Show along with other marvels such as May, the Fat Lady and the contortionists. Farm animals were displayed and judged and sheep dogs rounded sheep. Everyone bought show bags. The Pyjama Girl became another display.

In the real world the husband was eventually  charged and found guilty of the murder but his sentence was light. Linda Agostini (as she was claimed to be) had been a good time girl with a drinking problem. What was a man to do



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Elizabeth Rankin

Image "Rose Showboat" 


Elizabeth Rankin

image "Digging"



Artist Talk  Elizabeth Rankin

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ARTIST TALK: 2pm Saturday 23June
220 Creative Space and Gallery
Level 1, 220 William Street, Sydney, Australia, 2011