9th August 6-8pm

   Exhibition Dates   9th - 19th August 

Open Friday  - Sunday  11am - 6pm


3D Imaging Invite.jpg

Sarah Eddowes

3D Imaging

This exhibition comprises a body of work that explores the pattern and form created by simple iterative actions such as slicing, extrusion and pressing. The cross section is a central device in the work. In medicine, as in industrial design, sections create a visualisation of that which is hidden or imagined. Similarly, I use the section as a device for breaking down a mass and revealing it as a flattened form. In this sense, the dimension of time is also compressed. Rather than travelling around or through a mass, it can be seen in entirety in an instant. In contrast, the animated work uses time as a means of revealing a form by sequential fragments, reducing many slices to a single, metamorphosing unit.

The primary material of this body of work is silicone. Silicone offers a supple and translucent texture which recalls elements of the geological and the bodily. I have found the material to be wonderfully versatile: capable of accepting pigments, flexible, and able to be cast and cut in different ways.